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Nisha Vida

Law and Society Tutor and Mentor

Nisha Vida is currently enrolled in a dual law and master’s in public policy (JD/MPP) degree program at UCLA, where she is also a student in the David J. Epstein Public Interest Law and Policy Program.  Prior to graduate school, she worked as a researcher, writer, consultant and teacher.  She was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to Brazil in 2009.  Born in South Africa during the apartheid regime and raised in Los Angeles, Nisha’s research has focused on colonial legacy in the modern era.   Nisha has been deeply involved in the sustainable agriculture movement and the movement to ensure easy access for all people to fresh, healthy food (food justice).  She is a certified Los Angeles County Master Gardener and has helped plant and maintain organic school and community food gardens around Los Angeles County.  Nisha is associate producer of food documentary GMO OMG, which premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2013.  She also managed a policy project for the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund in 2008.  Nisha holds bachelor's and master's degrees in international relations from USC.