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Mark Duggan

Math / Science Tutor and Mentor

Education: BS, Mathematics, College of Creative Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara; pursuing doctorate in Mathematics at University of Southern California

Experience: My experiences in the College of Creative Studies provided me with a strong foundation in mathematics. In addition to academic rigor and cooperation, the College of Creative Studies courses stressed creativity. Creativity is needed to analyze unfamiliar problems in a different and unique way. I was a teaching assistant at the University of Southern California, where I taught Calculus and Differential Equations to undergraduates. This helped me to see students through the eyes of a teacher, giving me a more holistic view of a student’s learning experience and a better understanding of how their work is evaluated. I believe it is important to make students feel comfortable enough to admit when they don’t know something, because that is one of the main reasons I am there: to help them better understand confusing concepts.

What I like about tutoring: It is so rewarding to help students understand complicated ideas, making them feel better about themselves and their studies.