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Evans Boney, PhD

Evans is originally from Graham, NC.  He received 2 degrees (Chemistry and Physics) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) along with a minor in Math.  He also played on the basketball team at MIT.  More recently, Evans earned his Ph. D. in theoretical chemistry from Caltech, defending his thesis in September 2013.  His research advisor was Nobel Laureate Rudolph (Rudy) Marcus and he was a teaching assistant for ten total chemistry classes (ranging all over Physical Chemistry, from undergraduate level to highest graduate levels).

Evans has been tutoring for almost a decade, and has had many successes.  He scored a perfect 5 on 6 different AP exams covering everything from BC Calculus to US History.  He also scored in the top 5% on the SAT and several SAT subject tests.  More recently, Evans acted in the PhD Movie and helped with science research for the Discovery Channel series Penn and Teller Tell a Lie.  He is currently writing his first book and designing several pilots to bring scientific themes back into popular culture.

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